What's next step in B2C Smart Phone Notification Technology?

Animated Notifications with Dynamic Push

Dynamic Push® is a patented* business to consumer software technology which allows companies to breathe vivacity into their previously lifeless apps. Pushing animated, dynamic, targeted notifications directly to a smart phone user’s home screens, connecting them from video to landing page in one tap. Game Changer? You better believe it.

*United States Patent. US 9,946,436 B2

Dynamic Push gives our concertgoers a more interactive experience.


Adam Craig Ellis

Dir. of Marketing

Dynamic Push Widget Makes Concert Ticket Buying A One Tap Snap

The Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, New York – the 11th highest attended club venue worldwide – Launches Android™ Mobile App featuring Appelago’s Dynamic Push technology. Once downloaded, users will be encouraged to utilize the widget feature – where the scrolling video push notifications will play inside the app’s icon. This will alert the user to view the exclusive content...


Peter Rolih

President & CEO

David Feola

VP Marketing & Sales

Sam Chappidi

Chief Technical Officer

Colin "Cojo" Jorgensen

Creative Director

Nagen Burra

Technical Director